Why ban sex toys in Mauritius?

banning sex toy mauritius

A sex toy is usually any such gadget invented for human pleasure or sexual stimulation.

Used for self-pleasure in solo or during intercourse, these gadgets can add to the satisfaction of both men and women. Many youngsters use sex toys as part of trends to experience erotic pleasure but at the same time, more and more individuals, irrespective of age, bring sex toys to their bedroom to add flavor to their sexual experience or to revive lost carnal appetite.

Over the decades some reasons have been evoked for the prohibition of these products on the

Health hazards – It is argued that the usage of sex toys can help to the propagation of sexually transmitted diseases if they are used by more than one person as there are high risks of fluid and tissues contaminating other persons.

Physical damages – More and more incidents are occurring during sex when individual misuse sex toys. Some toys can be very dangerous and can cause bleeding or profound wounds.

Psychological damages – Even if sex toys bring newness and authenticity to relations, in the long run, they can cause moral damages to couples,  men may not feel virile enough or women can gradually feel that intercourse is losing emotional value, and becoming an object-dependent ritual.

Yet recently more and more cases have surged showing that sex toys are sold illegally and often bought online unlawfully. See article about buying online in Mauritius.

This makes us wonder why, even if  these toys have already imbedded our society, it is still being viewed as a social ill. Why is it that today, when countless countries are crossing conventional boundaries and using sex toys and accepting the presence of sex shops, Mauritius is still banning the usage. Is there a slow evolution of mindsets or simple reluctance to accept what everyone already fantasizes about?


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