PayPal is now available in Mauritius

PayPal in Mauritius

The most reliable American online payment gateway system, PayPal is now
available in Mauritius.

PayPal is one of the foremost important factors for the success of e-commerce sector throughout the world. PayPal eliminates the risks of transaction scams and fraudulent. PayPal provides most sophisticated and safest platform to trade online for buyers and sellers. The biggest advantage of PayPal is that the e-commerce websites and web-based sellers can implement “Pay with PayPal” button on their websites. PayPal has the most simple and aesthetic user interface.

You can set up your account and link your bank details within minutes. PayPal accepts all major banks anywhere in the world. Once your bank account is verified, you are ready to go. PayPal does not charge anything for any of these processes. Once your account is set up and verified. Go to your profile page, you will be provided with a merchant ID. After that, you need to download the free JavaScript for the PayPal button from the link here ( You have to place your merchant ID on the first line of the script. Copy and paste this snippet in your web page and start selling! If you got stuck in any of these steps, don’t worry. PayPal provides step by step instructions.

You have complete control over your goods and your money. Payments from buyers will be transferred instantly to your PayPal account. PayPal directly allows to you generate and send invoices. PayPal will provide a clear overview of all of your payments. It helps sellers to maintain their transaction history with ease. You can withdraw your money to your bank account anytime.

PayPal also has the facility to send money directly to another PayPal account. It has a 24 x 7 customer support which provides quick and fast solutions for all kinds of your queries. For buyers, PayPal is the safest way to buy online. It provides extended seller warranty for the most trustworthy sellers. PayPal provides refunds for incorrect orders or deliveries. It accepts all major credit cards/debit cards. Hence PayPal promises vast customer base.

In case of any disputes after selling, PayPal has its resolution center to clear disputes with the buyers. Buyers can pay through the web or on-the-go. PayPal protects financial information with advanced encryption and real-time fraud monitoring security. Safety is the first preference for PayPal. With PayPal, buyers can shop with confidence. Sign Up with PayPal takes your e-commerce business to the next level.


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