What if Game of Thrones was an educative literary material ?

Game of Thrones

A “ Game of thrones “ was a novel authored by George Raymond Richard Martin, where he detailed the similarities between epic fantasy and historical fiction, and the setting of A Game of Thrones is rich with historically accurate details from medieval Europe.

The Wars of the Roses were a sporadic series of civil wars that were fought over succession to the throne in England. The Hundred Years’ War was also a dynastic conflict, though it was fought for control of the French throne. Martin believes that because A Game of Thrones is set in a fictional universe rather than an actual nation at a specific time in history.

The throne (War of Five Kings) is a blend of the Hundred Years War where Edward III tried to claim the French throne and the Wars of the Roses – basically two wars over succession. The war between Joffrey Baratheon’s uncles mirrors the conflict between Richard II’s uncles. The Wildling raids are similar to the on-going raids between England and Scotland in the high and late middle Ages. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are similar to the Heptarchy of England in the Dark Ages. . The author, Martin is known for his willingness to kill off a primary character even if the reader has grown attached, which helps to keep the stakes high and makes the consequences of characters’ actions more realistic.

A Game of Thrones takes place over the course of one year on or near the fictional continent of Westeros. None of the inhabitants of the world that Westeros is set on can say with certainty how old it is, nor how long the human race has lived on it. Different religions offer different supernatural origin myths for the human race, though it isn’t clear which if any is correct. Within the known timeline, written historical records stretch back about 6,000 years before the time of the TV series, around the time that the Andal invasion introduced a full writing system to Westeros. Several of the older civilizations in Essos (such as Old Ghis and Yi Ti) which have written records that stretch back to the Long Night cataclysm, about 8,000 years ago.

From a literary perspective, the Game of thrones is no doubt a book with a commercial success, style, and relative newness. There was a unique writing technique skill demonstrated in the book. In the literary writing style that is often the hallmark of serious literature, the writer does make significant genre changing contributions in other ways.
Martin tries to use a technique to recreate the Dark Ages in a way in which we believe the myths are real a similar technique to bring the late middle ages to life. Martin employed a term known as “historic symbolism.” In from a literary sense of view.

Some of the learning curves from the book “game of thrones” which is very relevant for college students who are almost on the edge to become leaders or who are aspiring for the top and their respective endeavors are:
(1)They invested in their individual strengths
Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen may lead thousands, but they didn’t take those they command for granted. These leaders took into consideration the individual strengths, preferences, and goals of each group whether they’re commanding a Free Folk or the Unsullied,
(2) Their hardwork and expertise was crucial to their success
By the season finale of “Game of Thrones,” the Targaryen heir has a powerful squad in the form of Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm, Varys, Daario, Yara, and Theon. Without their hard work and expertise, she wouldn’t currently be sailing to conquer Westeros. Up north, Jon Snow’s got Sansa, Davos, and the newly loyal Northern houses. Sansa provided the motivation and means to retake Winterfell.
(3) They understood the needs of one another
Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow both foster strong emotions in their followers. They both have a compelling story and innate charisma that allows them to connect with their growing number of followers.

The epic series “Game of Thrones” changed the life of millions people worldwide. They involve real historical events as well as deep life lessons and meaning which connects them with the views. As a teaching manner the series would have a major success, because of the ideas they carry. A true masterpiece!

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