Game of Thrones

A “ Game of thrones “ was a novel authored by George Raymond Richard Martin, where he detailed the similarities between epic fantasy and historical fiction, and the setting of A Game of Thrones is rich with historically accurate details from medieval Europe.Continue reading

PayPal in Mauritius

The most reliable American online payment gateway system, PayPal is now
available in Mauritius.

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In most offices, schools and everywhere else where people use computers, there is a great divide among the users of the computers and the people who support these computers.

Rarely do these two groups speak the same language and you might even think that they are from different planets. This is a two way street with each side thinking they are correct in the “us” versus “them” mentality.  The users think that the IT support is an arrogant Dilbert like character with certifications but no charm, while the IT support person thinks that the user has no clue about a computer and would be better off using an abacus.

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facts about mauritius

Recently, while I was going through the Internet searching for “Interesting and fun facts about Mauritius” I was presented with numerous links.

However, none of the facts that they provided were even close to being interesting and most of the sites had repetitive information! Frankly, who cares whether the name is derived from an Orange prince or if it is the most populated African country? All it did was put me off to sleep!

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banning sex toy mauritius

A sex toy is usually any such gadget invented for human pleasure or sexual stimulation.

Used for self-pleasure in solo or during intercourse, these gadgets can add to the satisfaction of both men and women. Many youngsters use sex toys as part of trends to experience erotic pleasure but at the same time, more and more individuals, irrespective of age, bring sex toys to their bedroom to add flavor to their sexual experience or to revive lost carnal appetite.

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